Franchise Robotics for kids

Franchise Robotics for kids

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The Raise Genius School franchise,franchise robot invention for kids.



Raise Genius School franchise system is franchise for robot invention school for kids. Focusing on the childhood development courses on IQ, EQ, AQ, MQ, and SQ through Raise’s curriculum, teaching procedures, and materials that are harmoniously combined with the Constructionism teaching theory and  robotic technology. We use a series of LEGO Mindstorm NXT EV3 robot kits as teaching tool. Currently, The Raise Genius School has educated children’s skills for almost 6 years and  has 5 branches:
1. Prachauthit 58/1
2. Pechkasem 81
3. Sathorn 10 (Tanghuaphak Building)

4. Mint Tiwanun

5. Samakkee Road.
The Raise Genius School focuses on reinforcing children with all-around skills with a natural approach, there’s no lecture required for students to enjoy and give full attention in class. In the class, students will learn how to build a robot for projects, the students will train to solve problems with scientific processes continuously.

The Raise Genius School is expanding business, in the form of franchise and wanted to invite those interested to apply to be a part of the our franchise.

1. Background of Raise Genius School.

The Raise Genius School promotes genius by robot technology, originated from University Business Incubator (UBI) project. The project, of which the purpose is to do business teaching Thai students to create robots and automatic system, has been achieved with cooperation between a group of master’s degree students from the Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO) and a group of businessmen trained by the University Office for SMEs (UTO) in NEC course. The Raise Genius School has been assessed by the Office of the Higher Education Commission and qualified persons in any fields and has been considered to upgrade from Start-Up level to Spin-Off level. We have increased our KPI target which includes net income as well as marketing and business development level.




Base on Constructionism Theory of Professor Stephen C. Pepper then Raise Genius Schoolhave adapted to and fill in practice method for thai children until form a “Learning Tree” that ours Institute has adopted and published all along.

 Raise Genius Teaching Method

  1. The teaching methods are promote children imagination and creativity, through stimulating the interest and problem solving situation (the child-centered model).
  2. Hand-On Activity.
  3. Human Interactive.
  4. STEM method mixed with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  5. Emphasis on happiness and fun.

2. Curriculum

2.1 Aim to develop both left brain and right brain of children.

Raise Genius School (Robotics for kids) open class in 4 Level

  • Level Raise Foundation 1 ,2 :  teach foundation of robot structure ,component ,foundation of invention and hand-on
  • Level Raise Imagine : teach build up robot from kid imagination and creativity.
  • Level Raise Thinking : teach build up inner kinimatic of moving things.

*All level include Programming practice.


2.2 Aim to Robot competition

  • Level Raise Competition : teach by Coaching style

3. Property of franchisee

  1. love of service, teaching, enthusiastic and best wishes to the students.
  2. Interested in child development. Can be in an environment of children learning through play.
  3. Have the budget or fund to invest and manage the Institute.
  4. Have the intention of making the school.



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Certificate for Raise Genius School’s franchise.

franchise b2b17 certificate web

franchise b2b17 certificate web

Raise Genius School teaching to 4 years and gained promotion from the office of technology SMEs (UTO) in King Mongkut University of technology Thonburi.