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Update  ( 18/07/2018 )


Welcome to Raise Genius School. Raise Genius School is robotic invention school promotes intelligent children in meditation, creativity and imagination. Through the invention of robot and automatic project. Learning through play and interaction with friends style that full of fun and support imagine and creative stimulation. Train children to work and solve problems by themselves. Create passion in the invention and technology.


Update Course, Service and Activity

Celebrating to Raise Genius School for getting Franchise Standard Certificate from Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce




Raise genius school teaching in transitional school.



Preorder welcome LEGO Mindstorm Ev3 (Home Set) Click-> (Ev3)

Parents and children can pre-order robot kits, LEGO Mindstorm Ev3 (Home Set). Recently, Promotion free tuition discounts “Raise Imagine Course” 50% value 1400 baht for every branch. Teach from basic robot parts usage and robot modeling.


Raise International Summer Course (June – September) Click -> (Lego Camp / Summer Course)

For the students of international School, Robot Invention Summer Course is now open for register. Teach with Lego Mindstorm Nxt, Ev3 robotic kits. The Course open for tueday – Friday, 2 section per day ( morning section and afternoon section ) .The Student will learn creativity, imagination, and foundation of robot, too.


Raise Genius School, the franchise teaching intelligent robot through the invention, now open for apply. ( Promotion last day on 30/12/2015) Click -> ( Franchise Raise Genius School )


The Raise Genius School offers courses for developing student’s skills (Raise LEGO Robot Course) Open weekly sat , sun Click -> (Lego Robot)

Early childhood development courses on IQ, EQ, AQ, MQ, and SQ through Raise’s curriculum, teaching procedures, and materials that are harmoniously combined with the Constructionism teaching theory and  robotic technology.


Robotics classes and homeroom classes for junior high schools Click-> (Robotic Curriculums)

by allowing children to understand the components of  the robotic and autonomous system, the ability to calculate, the ability to predict robotic behaviors, the ability to draw a flowchart to explain how robots work as well as a write program to fix the problems effecting a robot.


Robotic camps, workshops, extra-curricular activities, recreation activities Click-> (Robot Camp)

Student will design and construct robots, learn how to control robot and participate in the robotics challenge at the end of camp.


New menu, Raise Blog show the good content about Lego and child development topic Click -> (Raise-Blog)


Brochure Raise Genius School (English Version)

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Raise Genius School teaching to 4 years and gained promotion from the office of technology SMEs (UTO) in King Mongkut University of technology Thonburi. – See more at: https://www.raisegeniusschool.com/raise-course-and-service/robot-programming/?lang=en#sthash.s4zdrbXr.dpuf

Raise Genius School teaching to 4 years and gained promotion from the office of technology SMEs (UTO) in King Mongkut University of technology Thonburi.