Lego Robot thailand

Lego Robot thailand

Raise Genius School offers courses for developing student’s skills (Raise LEGO Robot Course) Open weekly sat , sun

Teach Robot foundation with Lego Mindstorm NXT, Ev3 (for age 4 years – 16 years.)


Early childhood development courses on IQ, EQ, AQ, MQ, and SQ through Raise’s Lego Education curriculum, teaching procedures, and materials that are harmoniously combined with the Constructionism teaching theory and robotic technology.

The examble of robot project are Truck Robot, Machine Gun, Race Car etc.


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Raise genius School open class Lego Robot in Thailand by


  • Open the evening Tuesday through Friday 1 section/day (16: 00 – 18: 00).
  • On the weekend, every weekend 4 section/day. There are


First Section :                       9:00 -11:00

Second Section :                  11:00 – 13:00

Thirst Section :                     13:00 – 15:00 and

Four Section :                       15:00 – 17:00


   Lego Mindstorm Nxt,Ev3. Students will use Lego Mindstorm Nxt,Ev3 one by one.

– See more at: https://www.raisegeniusschool.com/raise-course-and-service/lego-summer-camp/?lang=en#sthash.IfvJ9hev.dpuf


   Lego Mindstorm Nxt , Ev3. with a lot of lego technic part. Students will use Lego Mindstorm Nxt,Ev3 one by one.

See Raise Student Project ( Show time )

The place

Raise Genius School ( Lego Robot thailand ) have 3 branch in brife there are Sathorn Road Sai 10, Petchaseam 114 Road and Prachaudij Road soi 58 / 1 (click on map).

This course helps the student practice of using imagination and creativity to figure out the model of robot and practice to solve robot chllenge problem. Learn the foundation of robotic though play and experiment style and train to present inner idea of thier robots.

 Ley fun with movable and controllable robots rather than 1000 model. Teaching since 4.5 year.


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Highlights of LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0 , Ev3

  1. Use Lego technic system that can built 3d construction easy.
  2. Easy to understand robot programming (Drag & Drop Style)
  3. Children are familiar with them Lego sets then learning and practice LEGO robots so easier.

Highlights of Raise Genius School:

  1. Teaching on Lego in small groups.
  2. Not focusing on manual teaching but focused on teaching children based on Imagine
  3. Parents can estimate and stimulate the development of children. Look Example at https://www.raisegeniusschool.com/show-time/?lang=en
  4. Look for opportunities to challenge student to express them genius .Look Example at https://www.raisegeniusschool.com/promotion-hot-event-2-2/?lang=en
  5. Director of teaching by alumni master of the robotics directly. Student will get knowledge right.


raise lego thailand 3

 Lego Robot

raise lego thailand 4

Concentrate on LEGO

Time used in learning  2 hours/section/day.


5 Level from beginner to advance

  • Level Raise Foundation 1 ,2 :  teach foundation of robot structure ,component ( Lego Technic part ) ,foundation of invention and hand-on
  • Level Aptitude test : test and estimate kid readiness.
  • Level Raise Imagine : teach build up robot from kid imagination and creativity.
  • Level Raise Thinking : teach build up inner kinematic of moving things.
  • Level Raise Advance teach by advise style of open topic.

*All level include Programming practice.


raise lego thailand 5

Student intend to learn LEGO robot

raise lego thailand 6

Experiment time.

The number of children per room. Limited to 4 – 8 person only.

Welcome all newbie. They don’t have to experience. Raise Genius School teach from basic.

Time for class. Only day weekends (Sat,Sun).

4 section each day


The registration fee is 2 choice.

Short Course : 1 Course have 4 ticket @ 2 ชม. the registration fee is  2800 THB.

Long Course (Promotion) register 3 Short Course give your free 3 ticket totally 15 ticket . the registration fee is  8400 THB.

For more information and reservation Click -> Contact Us

Raise Summer Camp start October ,March and August every years for more information Click -> Summer Camp

Raise Genius School teaching to 4 years and gained promotion from the office of technology SMEs (UTO) in King Mongkut University of technology Thonburi.