Robotic & Industry 4.0 Camp for school


Robotic & Industry 4.0 Camp for school

(Camp Base Activity)

      Raise robot camp

Robotic camps, workshops, extra-curricular activities, recreation activities and summer camp are held at schools during the end of semester; and robotic workshops to teach how to build robots are offered to all children who may be interested. Associated with government and private partners.

Camp Base Learning consisting of many activity stations and learning styles are experiment, practice, observation, and problems solving on the environment the actual robot playing.

Students will practice presentation ,teamwork, problem solving, imagination and creativity. During the camp have recreational activities for student meet new friends and have fun.


  1. Students attend robot camp will get scientific knowledge through problem solving activity.
  2. To spark ideas and imagination and promote youth generation to interest scient and robotic.
  3. Applie science and mathematics knowledge to solve the activity problem.
  4. Teach student to work in team, exchange ideas, analyze, summarize the problem.

Highlights of Raise Genius School

  1. Director of teaching by alumni master of the robotics directly. Student will get knowledge right. – See more at: https://www.raisegeniusschool.com/raise-course-and-service/raise-lego-robot/?lang=en#sthash.IEtN1TBv.dpuf

    Director of teaching by alumni master of the robotics directly. Student will get knowledge right.

  2. Conducting the Robot camp by experienced teacher.
  3. Conduct activity by use 3D – Teaching Media the innovative Robot teaching media as a Magic tool.
  4. Guidance of learning in advanced.
  5. Raise Genius School team prepared Robot Set & Camp supplyment in robot camp for convenient and fast.

Activity list guide line

1. Introduce robot camp ,teacher and group students in small group.

2. Learn the basics of robot and the benefits of the robot in real life.

3. Team work and fun activities.

4. Robots and automation game activities.

5. Robot invention activities.

6. Robot Competition activities.

7. Award winner and summarize activity.

Proud that students will receive.

  1. Invent at least 1 robot for 1 subgroups.
  2. Competitive robot.
  3. Have new friends


Flexible for school

Week day type (Mon – Fri)

  • Haft day type : Morning or Afternoon on weekday
  • Full day type : Full 9:00 – 16:00

Week end type (Sat – Sun , 6 hrs per day) or 3 Day/Week ( Example Mon, Tue, Wed , 6 hrs per day)

Amount of paticipate (student)

 about 15 – 70 person


Hold on School -> conference room ,activity room etc.

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